Dog sled stay Mézenc - Montagne Ardéchoise - Massif Central

Dog sled stay Mézenc - Montagne Ardéchoise - Massif Central

Hiking atmosphere of the Far North
3 days / 2 nights - Gift idea
2020 Season

Impatient to leave, the dogs of the team are excited and let you know by barking, jumping... You finish loading the sled as the musher gives you the last advice before the start... With its vast open spaces that stretch to infinity, its deciduous and coniferous forests, the plateau of the Massif Central are a perfect place to learn how to ride a dog sled. Through this discipline, you will discover both a natural atmosphere and unique sensations. And then, you will probably understand a little better the need for physical expenditure of these dogs who will be your companions during this stay.

So don't miss the start, it will be difficult for you to join the team !

Trip highlights: 

- a "real" sport activity ... we actually conduct the dog sled, we aren't being walked !

- the discovery of the sled dogs and their way of functioning in team

- a driven musher

- the nordic atmosphere of the Mézenc and the plateau Ardéchois

- authentic and welcoming accomodations



Stay constituted within the framework of a collaboration with the Parc Naturel Régional des Monts d' Ardèche in the framework of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (CETD).


Languedoc Nature has obtained approval of part 3 of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism. This distinction was awarded by the French section of Europarc and applies to travel operators engaged in the promotion of sustainable tourism in protected areas.


Guided formula


Sleigh dog stay guided by a professional musher



Travel advisories: 

Good morning, sir,

A short message to tell you that we had a great stay! Our hosts were very considerate and Gérald is very nice too. It's a good idea to offer two half-days of dog sledding instead of one day. We also had exceptional weather and fresh snow, so it was perfect!

Many thanks for the organization!

Hope to see you soon.

Marie Agnès


Good morning, sir,

I have a wonderful memory of that weekend.
A "sporting" but above all human experience with warm encounters; beautiful landscapes, beautiful people; a real interlude of happiness !
... to recommend !!! or to renew !!!!!!!
Kind regards and thank you.


Dear Sir,

Our stay and our dog sledding activities were excellent and beyond our expectations. My daughters were thrilled and so was I. We enjoyed splendid weather, snow still present and a gîte for us all alone, in great comfort and calm. The owners of the gîte have been very accommodating and the musher is a remarkable person. He is direct and warm, and he has developed quite remarkable services, with very varied courses which allow you to fully enjoy his expertise, the quality of his dogs, and the landscapes.

Kind regards,



Good morning, sir,

Thank you for your mail, my friend and I are very happy with your service. As much on the accommodation as on the canine activities!

We will certainly come back.

Very cordially,



The sled dog activity was a great experience and my children and I enjoyed it very much. The guesthouse was beautiful."


We particularly appreciated the sled dog activity with the well-soaked characters of the mushers, even if we regretted the slightly too short duration of the walks. Thanks to the abundance of snow, we felt really transported in an extraordinary adventure and we won't soon forget it. But let's not forget Greg from the chalet who offers an extremely warm welcome with DELICIOUS food. The rooms are simple, but very clean. A cottage to recommend without moderation!
There you go, thank you and bravo to you for this flawless organization.


Our WE went very well, the 2 teams of mushers are complementary and give a very good approach to their dogs.


All in all, everything was more than perfect, we are delighted and certainly plan to do it again next year. Moreover I'm passing your address around so much we found the weekend nice.


You will be supervised by a graduate musher who, in all safety, will share with you his passion for his activity and his complicity with his companions. This stay requires a regular physical condition : regular practice of any sport is of course advised (walking, jogging or bicycling). It sometimes is necessary to walk a little bit at some passages to relieve the dog team.


It goes without saying it is recommended to like dogs. It is advised to not give "the leftovers of your cake" to the dogs, only the musher gives food to the dogs (but he will tell you all this!).



Sled dogs team in underwoods


Arrival the day before in the evening.


The musher selected for you adapted trails to discover this discipline and enjoy the fabulous snowy landscapes.

He will introduce himself and the dogs to you. Then he will present you the equipment :harnesses, sled and other equipments.

The excursions will happen during the day or half-day in the "trapper" formulas (2 per sled) or individual sled (1 per sled).

! Starting from 6 years old - below that age, young children are set in the musher's sled.

* This suggested stay can be conceived for a longer period.




2020 Season


All of the winter season (weekends or weekdays) : from December to mid-March (according to snow conditions).


La prestation comprend

• Lodging in guest houses and gîtes (according to the chosen formula).
Lunch picnics, dinners and breakfasts.
Supervision of 2 1/2 days of hiking in dog sleds by a professional musher.
Sled furnitures.

La prestation ne comprend pas
Cancellation insurance (4.5%) & multi-risks.
Personal spendings.
Transport to and from the place of stay.

We are all aware of the environmental impact of our car trips. Going to holidays produce a significant amount of CO2 notably when we drive for a fair distance for a change of scenery...

So if the "light mobility" tempts you, the Puy en Velay stations and the Valence stations are here to welcome you. Then, the junction could be made with a rent vehicle or a taxi cab.

Simulate your train trip or contact us for any complementary information.