Mountain Bike Tour Crossing Herault

Mountain Bike Tour Crossing Herault

High Languedoc : 7 days / 6 nights
Minervois : 8 days / 7 nights
Northern - Southern Loop : 7 days / 6 nights

By mountain bike, you ride through garrigues up to the higher Languedoc. A wide range of wild sceneries is your daily present. The trail is carefully signed therefore you may choose to be on your own or guided by a graduated mountain bike guide. We propose two routes: one is ending in the Espinousse Mounts and the other one in the wine region Minervois.

Each stage gives you the opportunity to discover local traditions, the natural sites and the richness of the Languedocian ground. We book your accommodation on a full board basis : breakfast, packed lunch and local traditional dinners in gites for groups or in B&B.

Trip highlights: 

- all the extraordinary landscape diversity of the Hérault

- the route between scrubland, vineyards and olive trees

- the mountains of St Guilhem and their tormented geology

- ascent on the Larzac plateau

- the large forests of the Monts d' Orb Mountains

- the Caroux and its mountain atmosphere

- Espinouse summit (1124 meters), not obligatory but it is the summit of the course!

- The arrival at the edge of a lake... lake of Raviège !

- and for the southern variant, the arrival in the city of Carcassonne, the visit is a must!




- Guided tour : A fully graduated guide specialized in Mountain Biking accompany you during the tour. He / She assists you : technical assistance, presentation of the natural environment and of the territory.


- Self guided tour : You receive a road book with the relevant map (1/25 000 or 1/50 000), your accommodation and meals are booked.

* Groups : from 4-6 personnes

Travel advisories: 

Dear Fred,
Well, that's it, it's over and we're back home... a little damaged, very tired and very, very happy with our week.
Thank you again for your organization and your availability. We look forward to working with you again in the future and have a great summer in the meantime.
(By the way, La Diligence in Montpellier is a very good address...)"
Marc and the whole family from Switzerland


The GTH is a very nice course. We particularly appreciated the variety of landscapes and atmospheres crossed, a variety that we didn't meet on the other GTs in our list of winners: the Jura, the pre-Alps, the GTMC (except in its southern part).

Another positive point is the rarity of portages. The stages defined by Languedoc-Nature were rolling without being boring, sustained without being exhausting. They corresponded well to what we had wished for.

We were also very satisfied with the gîtes in the stages. The kindness of the hosts was systematic.

Finally, it remains to congratulate you for the overall organization of these 9 days. Very good the road book with for each stage the "Tour de France" style sectional view; very good the punctuality as much to get us out of Montpellier as to find us at the end of the Haut-Languedoc. It was our 2nd hike organized by Languedoc Nature. There will be others, not necessarily by mountain bike, by the way.
See you next time.

Philippe d'Issy Les Moulineaux



- The itineraries present a certain difficulty because of their length and their difference in height. Therefore you should be in good physical shape and be used to endure such distance.

Across larzac plateau ont the Grande Traversée de l'Hérault


Northern Crossing

From garrigues  Pic St Loup to High Languedoc

Stage 1: 61,5 km - difference in height : 1045 / - 1320 m
Stage 2: 41,5 km - difference in height : 1260 / - 700 m
Stage 3: 51 km - difference in height :1336 / - 1530 m
Stage 4: 48 km - difference in height :1325 / - 1080 m
Stage 5: 47 km - difference in height :1150 / - 985 m
Stage 6: 36 km - difference in height : 505 / - 595 m


From High Languedoc to the garrigues Pic St Loup

Stage 1: 37 km - difference in height : +595 / - 505 m
Stage 2: 47 km - difference in height : +985 / - 1150 m
Stage 3: 48 km - difference in height : +1080 / - 1325 m
Stage 4: 51 km - difference in height : +1530 / - 1336 m
Stage 5: 41,5 km - difference in height : +700 / - 1260 m
Stage 6: 61,5 km - difference in height : +1320 / - 1045 m


Southern Crossing

From garrigues Pic St Loup to Minervois Vineyards

Stage 1: 61,5 km - difference in height : 1045 / - 1320 m
Stage 2: 41,5 km - difference in height : 1260 / - 700 m
Stage 3: 51 km - difference in height :1336 / - 1530 m
Stage 4: 37 km - difference in height : +727 / - 912 m
Stage 5: 47 km - difference in height : +1215 / - 926 m
Stage 6: 52,5 km - difference in height : +1261 / - 511 m
Stage 7: 53,5 km - difference in height : +1240 / - 1682 m


Please Note : the itineraries we propose have been checked by ourselves and we have cooperated tightly with our partners to organise a genuine tour.

This mountain biking tour is available all year long either guided or not. Please note that in July and August, the weather is really hot on this trail.

IMPORTANT : It is possible to organise the tour on a portion of the itinerary, feel free to contact us to receive a personal program and price estimate.




From April to October

Mounts St Guilhem le Désert
At the footsteps of Larzac
La prestation comprend

• The accommodation in B&B and gites for groups.
• The breakfasts, packed lunches and dinners
•The way back to the starting point by minibus
• The transportation of lugage if chosen
• The service of the guide if chosen

La prestation ne comprend pas
•The cancellation insurance (4,5%)
• The beverage
• The personal expenditures
• Bike hire

We all know the impact of our car travels on the environment. Driving to the holidays location can produce a large amount of CO2 because of the long haul distance to get away...
Therefore, if low impact mobility interests you, Montpellier railway station, welcomes you. A bus or our minivan can take you to your accommodation.
Check your journey by train with SNCF or OUIGO and contact us for any further information.