The Causse Mejean by mountain bike

The Causse Mejean by mountain bike

4 days tour : 5 days / 4 nights

Itinerary in loops : 3 days / 2 nights ou 4 days / 3 nights

The Causse Méjean is a splendid limestone plateau presenting various natural environments. There are steppes and on both there are caves, gorges and underground rivers. During this trip you go for thematic full-day or half-day rides. For dinner, you taste local delectable food. You are accommodated on the Causse Méjean where scenery is beautiful and rough, where people are keen on their way of life.
This stay can be organized with a fully qualified local guide or not.

Trip highlights: 

- the steppes of the Méjean

- pastoralism (Causses and Cévennes area, classified as a UNESCO world heritage site)

- a stopover in the Gorges du Tarn with the possibility of swimming in summer!

- varied routes between plateau, gorges, forest sectors

- technical monotrace

- possible meeting with ewe breeder and beekeeper (farm visit)

- the hamlets of Causse

- Przewalski's horses

- ecomuseum of the Causse Méjean (visit possible)

- dolomitic causse site

- viewpoints on the gorges du Tarn




- Guided trip : a qualified guide takes you along the trails according to your level and your expectations.


- Self guided trip: we provide you with a road book and the maps. We book for you your accommodation and your meals.

Travel advisories: 

Good morning,

We are enchanted by our stay... which is perfect for discovering the Causse Mejan and a "gentle" practice of mountain biking... the circuits are balanced and contain a few gems... the service providers are at the top, the reception and the cuisine of the inn... the availability of the mountain bike rental (special mention) the young and friendly people taking over the gîte in Pereyleau... In short, it's very good... we'll surely see each other again in summer or winter, the south of the Massif Central is vast, there's a lot to discover...

See you soon



Good morning, sir,
I was going to contact you to tell you that we were very satisfied with our stay.
Of course we appreciated the landscape but also the quality of the reception of the Gite (sympathy and culinary services).
The organisation of your mountain bike routes and the information provided are totally what I expected and therefore our satisfaction is complete.
I will certainly call upon your services again in the future. See you soon.


We are back in our respective offices after a stay on the CAUSSE which delighted us!! no worries; we talk about it to all our friends!! We have greatly appreciated your organization, nothing to say, the varied and different accommodations, the meals and picnics . CHAPEAU

Plus your comments on the post it stuck on the GENIAL map ; we did well for the reading despite two readings a little "fast" which brought us for the first one to PAUPARELLE very beautiful site and climbed up along the superb canyon and the second (the last day) in Combebelle (it seems to me) we missed the GR and rolled on the bottom.

We had good weather and two days of strong wind !! so we come back with beautiful marks on the thighs !! and many pictures.

Anyway, we are ready to go back with your body without PB, just noting that, for my taste, it would be necessary to have a "rest" day in the middle where we could do some hikes or rest according to ... and so enjoy even more the beautiful places.

It will be a pleasure to meet you one day during our future trips.
Marie Pierre and James


The stay went very well apart from the weather conditions (it was freezing but we didn't have any rain). The tour was a bit oversized for me (it would have suited Pierre because he is well trained), I don't know if it's a tour you usually propose or if you adapted it for us, did you get any feedback from women on it ?

The first day went smoothly, the ascent on the causse is very regular so it was ok but the legs suffered a lot for the next day. For the other days, we sometimes took shortcuts (with map + GPS, it's no problem to adapt the tour to our means).

The landscapes are beautiful, we really enjoyed the environment.

As for the guest rooms, no worries either with a special mention for the one in the volpilière, which is beyond all expectations: magnificent house, charming couple full of advice and details of life on the Causse, the meal was excellent. They love to receive and it feels! Everything was perfect!
Thank you very much for this nice stay, see you soon surely for another formula.


I spent an excellent weekend on the Causse, the welcome was perfect, no false notes. I was very well received, and the table is often "Rablaisiennne", what more can I say. The owners are charming and it breathes in this place a magical atmosphere, as on the causse.
The road book was flawless, the landscapes magnificent, pure happiness.
For the 55km ride, I enjoyed, beautiful scenery, technical course, but not too much, good riding for mountain bikers, a delight, moreover few difficulties were insurmountable, a few portages to really mountain bike.


We really enjoyed our hike in the Causse Méjean.
The organization of the trip by your care was successful, the information about the trip was complete and good.
The tour agreed with us in terms of difficulty and duration. The choice of this circuit is very nice.
The reception was very good in all the gites and guest rooms.
We found a good quality/price ratio in these gites.
Martine and Michel



This hike is quite easy, although you need to be in a good shape. A regular physical effort all year long will help you to have fun during this trip.

Immensité du causse


Itinerary in loops


Each day, we propose a new ride which takes you inside great and wide landscapes on the Causse Méjean and in the Cevennes. It is the opportunity to encounter the diversity of the natural and cultural heritage in the region.


Itinerary from 25 to 55 km - elevation  (+) from 350 to 810 m.


4 days tour


Day 1 : 36 km - elevation : + 1220 m

Day 2 : 33 km - elevation : + 815 m

Day 3 : 33 km - elevation : + 890m

Day 4 : 35,5 km - elevation : + 575 m




From April to October

Gorges du Tarn : entre Causse Méjean et Causse de Sauveterre
S'orienter sur le causse
Richesse du patrimoine caussenard
La prestation comprend

 • Accommodation in gite for groups, hotels or in B&B.

• Breakfasts, packed lunches and dinners.

• The road book and the maps in the self guided trip or the service of a guide in the guided trip

La prestation ne comprend pas
• Personal expenditure

• Comprehensive insurance (4,5%)

• The bike rental (feasible option)


We all know the impact of our car travels on the environment. Driving to the holidays location can produce a large amount of CO2 because of the long haul distance to get away...
Therefore, if low impact mobility interests you, Millau station, welcomes you. A bus or our minivan can take you to your accommodation.
Check your journey by train with SNCF or OUIGO and contact us for any further information.