Who we are

Languedoc Nature opened in June 2004, it is an incoming travel agency founded by Frédéric Certain et Fabienne Le Velly. Here is a bio for both associates.

Frédéric Certain
1967 : Birth in Châtellerault
1975 : He was taught fishing and angling in rivers by his father and grandfather.
1991 : He studies agriculture and cheese making.
1992 : He discovers mountain bike and fly fishing.
1992 : A franch well known brand appoints him as a Sales manager for hard cheese.
1998 : Birth of first son Yann
2002 : Birth of second son Timothée
2003 : End of his contract with the hard cheese company
2004 : Creation of Languedoc Nature : June 8, 2004 the local authority award the authorization.
Frédéric decided to create this agency because he loves the countryside where he lives. Also, he wants to boost the economic network of the region. At the agency, Fred is in charge of production, relationship with the suppliers and the local tourist boards. He also keeps an eye on the trails and tracks since twice a  year he takes his MTB or his skis to check if it will be fine for the clients.

Fabienne Le Velly

1968 : She was born in Bordeaux.
1991 : Studied tourism and got her Master degree
1992 : BSc Hotel & Catering Management, London
1992 : Worked at the Dorchester Hotel in London
1993 : Came back to Paris as deputy manager in Hôtel de Catiglione.
1998 : Birth of first son Yann
1998 : Teacher & Educator in hotel keeping and tourism Management
2002 : Birth of second son Timothée
2004 : Associate of Languedoc Nature
Fabienne is keen on Tourism and the client satisfaction is essential when creating holidays.
Within the agency, she is in charge of the web site and the relationships with non French
speaking clients.
Together, Frédéric et Fabienne developed a good knowledge of their region where they moved
in 1998. Each day, they try to know more about secret places, lovely paths, Mediterranean
flora and especially about people living and working over here.