Central Massif


Stays or hiking, mountain biking, cycling, snowshoeing, nordic skiing or back country skiing take place or across the Massif Central.



Randonnée entre Monts d'Ardeche et Haut Loire


Mountain biking between ancient volcanoes and the Loire River sources.

5 days / 5 nights or 4 days / 4 nights



Bike from volcanoes to Mediterranean Sea through Cevennes
3 routes - 5 days / 5 nights

Sur le tracé de la Grande Traversée du Masif Central


Biking tour in Margeride's forest

3 days / 3 nights or 4 days / 4 nights


St Guilhem le Désert mounts


On the ancient medieval way in Languedoc

13 days / 13 nights or 3 times 4 or 5 days


Off roads in Aubrac

From the wide plateaus in Aubrac to the Margeride's forests.
4 days / 4 nights or 6 days / 6 nights

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